Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mally Quack Quack - The Story of an Orphan Duck

What do you do with a duckling that has hatched but it's mama was eaten by a fox two days prior? Why you bring it into the fold.

That is what I did about 5 weeks ago, when the wild mallard that was sitting on her nest outside my office was killed by what we think is a fox, leaving her nest unprotected.  No one thought her eggs would hatch without help but it is against the law to move the eggs.  So they set there in one of our potted plants.

Luckily, they were close to their full gestation period, and two days after Mama Mallard was killed a duckling hatched. Turns out she would be the only one that hatched.  Being that is was Friday at 4:45 and no one wanted to leave her to fiend for herself, I was called upon.  Because I have "sucker" written across my forehead and I live on a farm. :)
MQQ only an hour old.

MQQ only a couple of days old.
The only room in my house that I can close off is the bathroom, so Mally Quack Quack is now residing in my bathtub.  I remember from previous ducklings how messy they get and the tub cleans up quickly. This is how Mally Quack Quack came to live in my bathroom.

MQQ 2 weeks old.
MQQ started out swimming in my sink and she has since progressed to a galvanized tub and a swimming pool. Because she is living in my tub, each day when I take a shower she gets to swim in the sink.  In the beginning she couldn't touch the bottom and was able to swim about, now her feet touch and she really can't go anywhere.  It is hard to believe that she has gotten so big so fast.

She will soon move outside to her own pen with access to a baby pool. It is almost complete so she will be able to spend her days enjoying the outside world.  But for now she is still living in my tub and splashing in my sink.

MQQ loves sitting on my shoulder at 3 1/2 weeks old.
I hope to release her back to the wild where she can join a flock.  For now I am enjoying her sweet company. I will keep posting as her story and adventure continues.
MQQ splashing in the sink at 4 wks old.