Thursday, March 24, 2011

Harry has Hedwig and I have a...chicken?

At my new place there are 80 chickens I help look after, mostly on weekends, after a while you start to see their personalities. For instance there is one that follows me everywhere hoping that I will drop food. Others squawk when I get to close to the nests, and then their Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy gets her name from her ability to go right for the source of the food...the food can. When I am filling up the feeders for the rest of the chickens she waits til my back is turned then jumps into the open container to gorge herself. No other chciken has figured this out, so she has zero competition for an unlimited source of food. Well unlimited until I turn around and lift her out.

It was because I was constantly picking her up that she got comfortable with me holding her. Now she actually seems to enjoy sitting on my arm which on this one occasion became my shoulder.
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