Saturday, January 16, 2010

Silver SUV

Have you ever realized how many silver SUV's are on the road? I didn't...until I owned one. I love my Envoy and I love the color, silver. But it seems a lot of other people like silver also. To help me identify my vehicle, or Alice as I call her, I put snowflake window stickers on the rear window. When it is spring I will change my vehicle identification (hopefully). :)

Tonight I came out of the store walked up to the front of Alice, hit the unlock button and lifted the handle. But the door didn't open. I clicked the unlock button again...nothing. Then I looked up and noticed the windows were tinted. My windows aren't tinted. That's when it dawned on me...WRONG CAR! Oops!!! I looked around and clicked again. Alice was behind me a few spaces. Oh well, I knew it was going to happen one day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

On a Cold & Snowy Day

On a cold and snowy day I decided to start this blog. I wrote a gardening blog last year as I started a vegetable garden for the first time. Seeing as how it is winter my gardening blog is dormant, I thought I would start this one. This will be a place for my musings, strange adventures and wild mishaps.

Who knows what is going to happen, I sure don't. I am trying to treat each day as a new adventure, sometimes they are laugh out loud funny and other times they are a bit tedious. My animals will have starring roles as they tend to be the reason for most of my mishaps.

Today my wild adventure is house cleaning, something that I put off for too long. There is one website that I always go to for cleaning guidance, FlyLady. I am heading there right now.

Thank you reading this and I hope you enjoy.