Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adventures in Puppies

Roughly seven weeks ago one mama dog and her seven puppies got a reprieve from death and came to my house. A friend had seen a beautiful red heeler posted in an email imploring everyone who red it to adopt or foster her and her seven puppies immediately because she was due to be put to sleep in two days time. This friend knows that I'm a sucker for sob stories and cute puppies, so she forwarded the information onto me and two days later she was delivering said mama and pups to my doorstep.

Maggie nursing her puppies

Maggie, as the heeler is named, came with seven wildly different puppies.  None of them looked like her.  It was almost as if someone had switched litters.  There were three black puppies with white chins, chest and toes; 1 butterscotch/brown puppy; a black and tan puppy, a white and black spotted puppy; and a mostly white tri-colored puppy.  They were three weeks old and already trying to walk around.  And, oh, so adorable!

They all got names from characters that Paul Newman played: Luke - Cool Hand Luke, Hudson - Cars (Doc Hudson), Cassidy - Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, Dodge - Message in a Bottle, Murphy - Fort Apache the Bronx and Maddox - The Helen Morgan Story.  One of the girls is named Charlotte after a Pride & Prejudice character (this was when we only thought there was one girl. Turns out I was too hasty in trying to sex Cassidy who previously was known as Butch).

Maggie and pups settled right in.  My two dogs, Willow and Denny, enjoyed having visitors.  Willow was immensely curious about the little squirming beings. Denny just wanted to play with Maggie, and she was more than willing.  My cats weren't thrilled about the new additions, so they decided they would stay outside until the puppies departed.

The weeks were filled with cuddling, feeding, cleaning, playing, teaching and loving. Luckily I live on an acreage so the puppies could go outside and see interesting things like cows and chickens.  They cows thought the puppies were a little strange and didn't want to get too close.

Charlotte - 11 wks old
Scooby - 11 wks old
Mama would sometimes supply them with fresh meat, not one of my favorite things. I don't know how many times I would find them chewing on a animal she had just caught.  I don't know much about Maggie's life before the shelter, so I'm guessing she had to fend for herself for awhile. Though I appreciate the rodent and groundhog control, the puppies (and Maggie) were getting fed a really good diet so Maggie didn't really need to supplement.  Plus, I don't enjoy disposing of animal bodies. Unfortunately it comes with living in the country.

Luke - 11 wks old

Maddox - 11 wks old

A couple of weeks ago four of the puppies; Dodge, Luke, Murphy and Cassidy found homes.  Unfortunately Luke had to come back because the older dog at the house didn't want to have a sibling.  So four puppies are still looking for homes; Scooby, Luke, Maddox and Charlotte.  All of them are smart, sometimes too smart, sweet, loyal, playful, gentle and want to be loved. If you know of anyone who might be interested in a heeler/hound or a heeler/lab mix please feel free to leave a comment.