Who Am I?

Just a gal from the heart of Oklahoma who has made her way to Kentucky.  I love horses, farm life, gardening, my dogs, and sitting in my hammock enjoying the breeze.

By day I am the unmasked, but caped hero of nationally recognized horseshows....at least in my mind.  And by night I am attempting to be a farmer/rancher.  I am dipping all of my toes in the pool, my living on a farm and caretaking 80 chickens, 5 cows, a donkey and a mule.  This is on top of my own animals; Kody the malamutt, Willow the hound, Jackson the dog in a cat's body, George the DIVA and Alec...the only one that actually earns his keep by catching mice.

I love exploring the Bluegrass state; trying new things, seeing new sights and meeting interesting people.  I came to Kentucky because I am a horse person, and I am staying because there are more than just horses here.

A new adventure awaits around the gravel bend....