Tuesday, July 2, 2013

All This Rain Has Made the Flowers Grow

With all of the rain we have been getting in Lexington our grass has been growing wildly out of control.  Even though our grass becomes jungle-like within days of mowing, I'm still happy to see rain falling from the sky.  This is because of all of the other plants that are happy when the rain comes. 
Our flowers have had a banner year in the garden.  Everything is growing and blooming; roses, lilies, hollyhocks, begonias, larkspur, geraniums, inpatients, petunias, cone flowers, and the list goes on and on... My strawberries have even been giving me big, beautiful red fruit in adundance.
The riot of color with a lush green background has this wonderful calming effect on me, especially when a small breeze makes the tall stalks gently sway as if conducting the garden orchestra. 
So when my life seems to be constantly on "GO", I am able to "stop and smell the roses" I appreciate that my view is one like this and that the rain has brought me so many flowers.