Wednesday, April 27, 2011


A friend and I visited the local Tractor Supply store so I could pick up a card and as I paused from talking my ears picked up a faint chirping (actually it wasn’t faint, I had just decided to start listening.) Immediately my brain processed the sound and I knew it was the music of baby chicks.

Ditching my friend, with a quick “Chickens!” over my shoulder, I raced toward the sound. There I found bins full of baby chicks, ducklings and bunnies. And they were so adorable, I wanted to take them home. Problem: I don’t need any more chickens. A little backstory: I love chickens and every spring I have to stay away from the farm stores so that I am not tempted. I live on a farm that has 80 chickens, 5 cows, a donkey and a mule…and I personally have two dogs, a foster dog and 3 cats so I don’t need any more animals. But dang they were cute and oh so tempting.

After much effort, and help from my friend, I left the store without any animals. I know that my animals are happy for that.

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