Monday, April 1, 2013

A Misty Road

A Misty Road
My stride pounded the road,
Never breaking pace.
Tiny clouds of dust I never saw
Created patterns of intricate lace.
The flora and the fauna
I know were in my sight,
But I hardly notice them
Along my daily flight.
Then one day the trees
Screamed from up above,
“Don’t forget to say hello

As you walk along our cove.
We strive each day to keep you
Safe from sun and rain.
We always give you music,
A rustling refrain.
Please don’t forget to say hello,
We love to hear your voice,
And don’t forget to smell the roses,
And each and every day rejoice.”
Now many think I didn’t
Hear the trees that day,
But they’ve forgotten what it’s like
To watch the flowers play.
Dancing along the wind,
Resting on the breeze,
As the mist weaves through the leaves
Of those wise old trees.
I’ll not forget the lesson learned
Along that familiar road.
The fog had cleared and I can see
More of my own abode.
-Casey M. Barnett
This poem is written by my sister from a photo that I took one misty morning driving to work in Kentucky.  (I tried to upload the photo but the computer and I are having a disagreement.  I will upload once we have worked it out.)

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