Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Photoshop Elements...the New Frontier...for Me

As I sit inside watching the snow fall I have been teaching myself how to work with my Photoshop Elements to help get my photos pop off the page. I was a lost cause at first, I don't like to read directions, especially when it is a novel full of words that don't make sense. "AHHHHHH...," CB screams as she goes running from the room pulling her hair out.

My main source of help have been my friends in the company's graphics department. They have been patient when my confused face makes an appearance at their door, and wonderful at answering my questions so that I even understand what to do. They understood my frustration. Their tips got my feet wet, from there I dove into the kiddie pool playing with PSE. At first I had some minor success and I was getting more comfortable with the program. Soon I felt confident, maybe falsely, to stride forward and discover more ways to play with my photos.

Straight out of the Camera

One of the blogs I read, The Pioneer Woman, has photography and Photoshop tutorials, which helped me understand further how I had to develop layers and how each layer became a compsite of the whole. Then I found a blog, CoffeeShop Photography, with more tutorials and free downloadable actions for PSE. Their actions are awesome!

Color Enhancement following PW tutorials

I still have a ways to go. I am enjoying sharing my photos with friends and family. My little point and shoot is doing a wonderful job.

CoffeeShop's Classic BW & Bittersweet Vintage

I can't wait to learn some more.

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