Monday, April 12, 2010

Let the Projects Begin

Wow, what a weekend. I was surprisingly productive even though I didn’t get started until after 2 each day. Apparently I needed to convince myself to start my projects that I wanted to accomplish.

Looking back I did get a lot done. I painted my once white rocking chairs to a vibrant red, planted a few chill hardy flowers, scrubbed one side on my house, cleaned off the porch, watered my parched plants, and of course the ever present...weedeating; a never-ending project. I also did some window shopping at two of my favorite stores, the Peddlers Mall in Georgetown and Lowe’s. I got some great inspriration for new projects. I am so glad it doesn’t get dark until almost 9pm or I would never get what I need to do done.

Since I am sure everyone is dying to understand why I painted my rocking chairs red, here is the simple answer. They sit next to a white wall and are visually boring. I wanted contrast, which seems to be my theme this spring; bright, bold, contrasting colors. Plus, the white paint was chipping.

I am ticking a lot of projects off of my to-do list. One of the big ones is the backyard fence. I stained my picket fence a dark mahogany and painted my chain link gate black. The backyard now ties in with the horse farm fencing completely surrounding me.

I have a few big projects still looming in front of me; like painting an existing table for outside use. I just haven’t decided what color to paint it, but I guarantee it is going to bold and colorful. I also have to till my vegetable garden...again. I have some very persistent grass and dandelions that won’t go away. Grrrrr!!!! I would also like to make window boxes for the front of my house. Normally this would be an easy project but there is metal over the wood, making it almost impossible to hang window boxes. I am thinking that I could make a standing window box. Problem: Dad and Casey are the engineers in the family, they live in a fw hundred miles away. I am the free flow artist…I don’t like to measure, which doesn't work to well when you are tryinig to get the correct height and width.

All these projects, plus some smaller ones, has got my mind whirling. These don’t include what I need to do in the house…notice I didn’t say want I “want”, but what I “need”. I would rather be outside getting dirty. Goodwill is going to get a big donation from me. Right now I am at the point of making a bigger mess trying to decide what to give away. I really need a professional to come help me break some ties.

Rain or shine, this evening is designated to the destruction, um…I mean, cleaning of my home. Wish me luck. I would rather be outside.

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