Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just a Little Prank

I’m not a devious person…mischievous, but not devious. Most of the time I keep my mischievousness in check, I am after all supposed to be an adult… (Mom I can hear you rolling your eyes.) But yesterday I couldn’t resist playing a small prank on my co-workers.

At my office we celebrate birthdays that fall on Friday and the weekends on Thursday, because many of my co-workers are off on Friday. My birthday is this Saturday. Since I am well aware of our pattern and I haven’t forgotten my birthday, I knew they were going to decorate my cell. But I didn’t want to make it too easy for them.

I hid all the decorations.

In the fridge.

Better yet, someone put something in the fridge in the morning and didn’t notice them, even though they were out in front.

They did eventually find the decorations and proceeded to over-decorate my cell!

Plus, they posted signs through the whole floor telling everyone that I was celebrating an old
er birthday than I actually was. *sigh*

This might be the last time I play a prank…no, it was too much fun!!

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