Friday, May 27, 2011

I Never Thought I Would See This

I never thought that living in the city, even though it is on 20 acres, that I would have more wild critters running around then when I actually lived in the country on a big ole’ horse farm. But it is true. Since there is no major green space all of the wild critters come to my little 20 acre paradise. I have seen the traditional squirrels, and variety of birds. Now I am seeing raccoons, foxes, and the ever present groundhogs. I think we have a least ten that call my paradise home.
One of her favorite holes in the field.

It is these groundhogs that keep Willow busy. She has always got her head in one of their gigantic holes. Holes so big that I have contemplated using them as storm shelters during all of the tornado warnings we have been having here in Lexington. On our evening walks she will dart off because she has caught a glimpse of an elusive yet ever-present groundhog.

This past week while my Mom was visiting, we were planting flowers into the garden. Out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing Willow run around; at first I didn’t think anything of it but then I realized she was looking up and circling the same area. Looking up, I first thought the tree had a huge wart on it’s branch but it turned out to be a treed groundhog. That’s right, Willow treed her first groundhog. You might be shaking your head in disbelief, much like I was doing, because as the name indicates these are underground dwelling creatures but apparently they can climb. I even took pictures so that I could have proof.

She stayed on that groundhog until he or she came down. Once it was down she proceeded to chase it. She caught it but she was so stunned that the groundhog got a 3 yard advantage and beat her back to its hole.

This kept her busy for awhile.

Willow’s day was made and I was very proud of her. My sweet puppy has found her new ambition…Groundhog Hunter. (It’s the catching part we are working on.)

P.S. Two days later we discovered that that particular groundhog had dug up under my house, right under the heater and broke it. Now I’m really glad I have my own bona-fide Groundhog Hunter at home.

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