Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Evening Walk to the Tree of Life

Is he outside?
Evening walks through the pastures with the dogs are part of my routine. They sniff out all the animals that went through the previous night and day. This makes them happy, and therefore, me happy.

Each night partway through our walk I will turn around and find Jackson, my cat, behind us. He loves to go exploring. Since he was a kitten when I got him in Illinois he would go on walks with me and the dogs.

He needs more attention!

When it is just in the pasture I don't worry too much, except when he decides to climb down the groundhog's hole...that is a whole another story. In IL, we lived in a little historic village (I really have a thing for historic homes it seems...hmmmm) he thought walking in the street was better than the broken and disappearing sidewalk. Luckily, the residents knew us, and gave Jackson a wide berth. Silly cat.

Come here groundhog
On one walk this evening I took my camera along to get photos of one of the interesting trees. Before I knew it was I more interested photographing the animals...again. Willow was trying her darnedest to get the groundhog that lived under the tree (different groundhog, sadly); Kody kept looking over at the neighbor's hoping they were outside so that he could get a treat; and Jackson just wanted attention.

The subject that I had intended to spend the rest of the daylight hours photographing only got a few shots before the sun went behind the trees. A favorite of my Mother's; I call it the Tree of Life, not only because it looks like it was here when God created the earth but the twists and turns of the branches represent the paths life takes each of us on. I enjoy just looking up sometimes and trying to navigate the turns of my life.

It is a great place to put out a blanket and read...after the cows are put up. They are nosy critters and always want to read over my shoulder.

P.S. I have tweaked the name of this blog. I wasn't 100% happy with the title but then Kim from Life in a Little Red Farmhouse commented about me being an Okie girl. A light when off! I am an Okie in the Bluegrass. I identify with two wonderful states. My roots are in Oklahoma but I am enjoying my time in the Bluegrass state of Kentucky. So the title changed. Thanks Kim!

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