Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Like to Think I am Loved

I would like to think that the chickens genuinely like me and are running to see me.

But I know better...they think I have food.

This is what I see every evening on my walks, even when I am not carrying a bag of veggies.

A few herald my appearance.
Then the rest start to follow.

They come from all directions.

Waiting expectantly for some tasty morsel.

Mister Rooster is always front and center...though he rarely gets the first bite.  He's a gentleman like that.

They just keep coming!

Piggy, my shoulder riding chicken, is in the middle of the pack hoping that I have saved her the best bite.

Wow, we have a lot of chickens!

Yeah, I would like to think that they just wanted to be in my company but the truth is I had food.  It helps the ego to see so many running to be near you. :)

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