Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I Just Want to Sleep In

Having animals, both pets and livestock, means I don't get to sleep in until I *want* to wake up.  I seem to always be on their schedule. Whether it is the donkey wanting to be fed (which is all hours of the day) or the dogs wanting to go out.

My cat, George, is my partner for sleeping in; my ally, my co-patriot, my gato simpatico... She is the one that has to be pushed out of bed so she can eat her breakfast before the others get it. 

But lately she is getting up at the crack of dawn.  And she EXPECTS things from me when she is awake, she is the epitome of a diva.

"Where is my breakfast?"

"I want to go out!" 

"How come you aren't up?"  "Because it is only 6:30, my alarm is set for 7."

At 6:30 she is by my bed *talking* to me.  I'm barely coherent at 7, so 6:30 makes me a zombie with a not happy attitude. She doesn't care...actually I think she enjoys poking me.

If her *talking* can't get my attention right away she climbs up, gets in my face and starts over.

"Where is my breakfast?"

"I want to go out!"

"How come you aren't up?"

She will be heard...and yes, I do cave.

Diva to the max

I used to think I had an ally for sleeping in, apparently that has now changed.

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