Thursday, June 16, 2011

Comin' In

Each evening the cows come down from the front pasture to the back pasture.  This journey takes them through a nice shady lane.

Normally, I head up the lane with Jackson following closely behind me to call the girls in.  This particular evening they were already heading in.  It was a nice little surprise.

Jackson is watching the girls come down the lane, missing his evening herding opportunity.

So nice of the girls to head in by themselves.

Mama Cow is always first.

Then comes her 2 yr old calf, the Future Leader.

Sweet Rose trying to avoid the paparazzi after a hard day.

"Are you really going to take my picture?" Julie isn't too keen on photographs today.

And BeBe making sure everyone made it in.

If only every evening was this easy.  No worries, I am sure I will be walking up the lane looking out for snakes tomorrow.  The girls like to keep me on my toes.  At least Jackson will be happy.  He loves being the herd dog of the operation.

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