Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Dream that One Day...

My dream is to one day be back at the family farm in Oklahoma.  This is one of the farms I spent summers on with my Great Aunt Lula; we picked tomatoes, shelled peas, collected eggs, fished, and everything that regular farm kids do.  Mostly get into trouble...

I remember catching fireflies by the Mason jarful.  I remember hot afternoons in front of the black and white T.V. watching soaps and trying to learn how to embroider.  I still have the sampler that I spent all summer on. You can see the progression; and I have to credit Aunt Lula for her patience. It wasn't easy, and I am surprised she decided to teach me at 8 years old.  But glad she did.

Another memory, though not fond, was the midnight runs to the outhouse.  Yes, you heard me right...the outhouse!  The farmhouse didn't have running water.  So each day we hauled water to the house.  With the outhouse you didn't always know who would be accompanying you. 

One time a hen was setting on her eggs in there. That was a little odd, to have a chicken stare at you while you did what you needed to do.  She did hatch her chicks and soon moved them back to the coop. Thank goodness, because the outhouse wasn't big enough for all of us.

The farm has since been sold and the house, though standing, has been taken over by the elements but the barn is still standing resolutely against the Oklahoma wind waiting for animals to return home for the evening.

One day I want to go back and rebuild the farm, and build a bunch of new memories.  One day....

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